Library is opened on every working days. The students can get the book issued to study in the Library.

The college has a rich library. It has approximately 20,509 books.

Books are purchased for the benefit of Teachers, Students & employees. Reference Books, Magzines & Journals etc. are also available.

The Library has a very NEAT & CLEAN reading room where studetns can study during their leisure periods.

  01. Sri Shankar College's library can be used by Teachers, Students and Staffs only. Books can not be issued to the outsider persons.
  02. Library is opened till college duration.
  03. The books are issued to the students on the basis of I-Card.
  04. One book can be issue to a student at a time.
  05. The books should be return on the determined time, otherwise dues of 0.20 /- paise per day will be charged.
The students must check out the pages of the issued book, whether the pages are not damaged, If it is damaged the student does not take that book, otherwise if the damaged book is taken by him, he will be responsible for it and has to pay his present actual price of that book.
Library is silent place for reading. In library, there should not be noise, loud reading, spliting here and there, taking rest on chair or table etc. Those students who do not follow the rules and regulations of library, they will be punished and may get deprived of the library facility.
At the time of issue of book, the student must sign the issued register.
Library books must have to return on the 15th day of the issued day, otherwise as a punishment the charges of 0.20 /- paise per day will be charged. The penalty will be taken at the time of filling up of form, at the college counter.
  10. The books should not be issue in the month of April-May of the every session. The students must return their books before, otherwise as a punishment the charges of Rs. 1/- per day and dues fine will be charged.

Generally, these books will not be issue to the students.

Students can use these books in library:

1) Holy Books.

2) Pandulipiyan

3) Magazines and Journals

4) University's Syllabus and Question Papers etc.

  01. Two books can be issue to the college staffs.

The books are issue to the students by following details :

1) I.Com : Monday

2) I.Sc. : Tuesday

3) I.A. : Wednesday

4) B.A. : Thursday (I+II+III)

5) B.Sc. : Friday (I+II+III)

6) B.Com. : Saturday (I+II+III)

7) The books are issue daily to the P.G. students.

Sl.No. Name Qualification Designation Contact No. Remarks
1. Sri Haridwar Chaubey M.A.; BLIS (Nalanda Open University) Lib. Incharge 09431843841  
2. Sri Bir Bahadur Singh B.Com Lib. Assistant    
3. Sri. Ramsakal Singh B.A. Shorter    
4. Miss. Kalyani Kumari I.A. Assistant    
3. Miss. Saman Praveen B.A. (Lib. Sc.) Assistant    
4. Sri Ram Chandra Sharma Matric Peon 7739034944  
Sl. No. Subject Number    
1. Hindi 3791    
2. English 781    
3. Urdu 242    
4. History 1033    
5. Geography 995    
6. Sociology 865    
7. Political Science 1145    
8. Economics 986    
9. Ancient History 264    
10. Psychology 601    
11. Philosophy 428    
12. Logic 146    
13. Chemistry 717    
14. Physics 837    
15. Mathematics 1210    
16. Biology 422    
17. Botany 514    
18. Sanskrit 371    
19. Commerce 1086    
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